Sunday, November 29, 2009

Better to be the king in hell...

Some ppl think that its 'peace' that all humans are after and that we are stuck in these 'worldly problems' on our way to attainment of peace.... They seem to think that once we realize that - we will let go of the desires, greed, envy or even passion and go for 'peace' !!

I wouldn mind them much, except that they manage to convince sane and sensible ppl into thinking so too!

So this guy X who is chasing a promotion or a lover or someone who is toiling for a new home - he suddenly realises that what he is doing is stopping him from being peaceful! So he learns 'detachment' and ends up giving up his dreams !!!

When will these ppl realise before the age of 60 , it is not peace that humans want. We need the dreams to drive us.

We need greed to make us wake up in the morning with a purpose.
We need someone's love to give a meaning to our achievements.
and all the complications love brings - they make life less boring!

Our own problems, irritations and challenges that don't let us sleep - these define us.
It is wat makes us human! In fact, the choice we make about this whole 'peace' thing - its like choosing your dress.

Just answer this- Will you ever burn your itchy armani suit, and change permanently to a very comfortable khaki uniform??

So come, lets go play Mortal Kombat with life!!!! :)


Anonymous said...

That's 'real' life....Only corpse stay 'detached'...!!

Manoj.S.Rao said...

Nice piece of writing Chandru! Salut!

I would'nt agree to your perspective totally because, it is true that attachment and expectations are cause for all unhappiness.

I would say, a rationale and good common-sense can be the best solution. Running behind a dream is not always a olympic run and detachment from everything is not humanly possible.

Best solution - Sense & Simplicity.

P.S: I would definitely burn the armani suit! yeah.. sure.