Friday, May 28, 2010

Ney veli...

Posting this from Neyveli! I arrived here last night and stayed at friend's home. Drove around quite a bit. And went 4 a walk too.... To someone from Chennai this place is like unbelievable !!

So many empty plots filled with trees amidst houses, uniform houses, perfectly laid straight roads with ABSOLUTELY NO TRAFFIC AT ALL.

This is a huge town-sized quarters !! I saw mud excavated from the mines and the mound was hill-sized! Deva's (the guy's home I stayed at) garden was the size of a small park! This place is very very different from the life style I am used to...

Its a really really nice place to stay for a short while... probably will get bored after a week. Hell, I've not seen more than a dozen ppl on the road all this time I was here :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

My friend's gettin married!

I just heard that my friend Lavanya is getting engaged... Mappilai is from chennai,but working 'down under' rite now! When she told me this, my first sensation wasn't delight, to be truthful ...
I ve known her since my childhood as a schoolmate, a very understanding and extremely loyal friend. She is such a nice person that I've felt at times that I don't deserve such a gr8 friend..
But whenever I come to chennai, I first think about visiting her home and then somethin else would come up. And I was always like, "She is gonna be right here, within 15 mins of drive. We can always catch up later"... And I ve forgotten to return her calls or msgs every now and then.
Little things.. but I wish I had done them.

because now, after june, she will come to India once in what, a yr?

I feel bad that I haven't spent more time with such a great and 'ANCIENT' friend.. Come to think of it, I've known her for over 15 YEARS.

But i also feel happy for her for getting such a good match(an engineer with PG), and a life abroad. If anyone deserves this, its Lavanya! And I feel old, btw! What with getting placed in Infy, 2 months outta-college-project I get the feel of my coll life having gotten over!

But I won't think too much about this, or Ill get Nostalgic..cos once I am in, Ill keep brooding for hrs!! So ill wind up 4 now!

PS: I got placed in Infosys :)