Tuesday, December 2, 2008

worth it?

k,guys..torture time!i hav way too much free time and hav decided to create 'poetry'!!

Life is such a sweet,but short walk;
through a path of roses in a joy-laden park.

So,why stray off into those darkened blocks.......
and into roads that a mad crowd blocks!

that there is no time for hate,terrorism,vanity or greed
is agreed;

especially,in such a short walk!

P.S:On the serious side,speaking of 'short' life,i want to pay my respects to all those valiant ppl who died for this country.Sometimes i really wonder if kashmir is really worth all this madness....

Saturday, November 29, 2008

´Rains´ of change!!

today was to b the last day of my xams,and rite now i ought to hav been on my bus to che. but it was not to b..I usually lov rains ,and ya it was lovely with the relentless showers for 3 days.
but it came with a heavy price tag!

b4 i go on,i ve got to say about my life 3 yrs back...major change in important plans cöuld be irritating at best,and frutrating at worst.if ther r incompetant ppl around at those times , i jus go berserk.

3 yrs since , I am calmly posting....from the Tower of Babel!!
3 days back , we wer informed that the exam nxt day wer cancelled and wer to b held on 30th.(tomoro)
With no water (DRINKING water), power for most of the day it was welcome.
Adding a new dimension to the probs ,the mess ran out of rations.

No power fr the whole of nxt day,and then we were told xams on 29th wer cancelled ...to b held after 4th(no date specified)...
this noon ,the confirmed news was that it was to b on 6th..
30 mins b4 ,the 'confimed' news- xam was on 16th dec,one day b4 nxt sem....

ther s still uncertainity bt Hons. xams!

Ther r 2 ways to che...thru tanjore or trichy...2 bridges near tj hav collapsed...
As for trichy, one more bridge down and we need to circumnavigate 20+ miles to trichy...

hrd of Kumbamela?I hav nt seen it,but i think i ll a good idea wen I go to trichy tomoro! half the state wil b ther..WOW,COOOL......Power s gone,AGAIN!!
Life is never dull at sastra...that s for sure:)

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Now that i hav sum time to blog i want to say about the tamil writer sujatha(pseudonym of Rangarajan)..he passed away recently and I happened to cum across this Diwali spl issue from "The times of India" in tamil..half of it was dedicated to sujatha...

I ve been familiar with his works for many yrs now..even as a layman reader not even knowing that sujatha was a man I devloped enormous respect for him by reading just 2 books of his(mere novels)..

If u love run-of-the-mill lits, stay away frm him.But if u want to b stimulated,inspired,shocked and made to ponder jus try him once and u ll kno...his inimitable style often carries subtle yet sharp humour(even that is never ordinary)...
"yarum idikkama ponum na college ku INCUBATOR la dan poganum."-frm ANNIYAN.

He was the only author in tamil whose works I followed consistently.As for others,it was a 'one-nite stand':)..lolzz. If ther s sumone out ther like me, this issue I told u abt is a MUST READ.

apart frm sum gr8 works of his,it displays many of his essays reflecting his opinions and thoughts on every other issue/topic.And articles frm ppl who knew him...reading it was like taking a fleeting journey thru his life. also,try

Finally,the cliche "U ll live on in our hearts and in your literature."Only,here its true...

6.15 am:(

hmmm.have nt got much to say!
xams from day after tomorro...thanx to my hectic prep timings I woke up at 4 today(4 AM...ppl who kno me well cld mistake it as 4 pm!).I had nt meant to,but sleep jus wont cum!   sat in the bed for sum time blinking at my bedsheet..

after regaining sum amount of consiousness ,I opened my system and now having run out of things to do,I m blogging.

And in case u r reading my blog,wow!u must be desperately bored!even more than me....:)