Sunday, November 29, 2009

Better to be the king in hell...

Some ppl think that its 'peace' that all humans are after and that we are stuck in these 'worldly problems' on our way to attainment of peace.... They seem to think that once we realize that - we will let go of the desires, greed, envy or even passion and go for 'peace' !!

I wouldn mind them much, except that they manage to convince sane and sensible ppl into thinking so too!

So this guy X who is chasing a promotion or a lover or someone who is toiling for a new home - he suddenly realises that what he is doing is stopping him from being peaceful! So he learns 'detachment' and ends up giving up his dreams !!!

When will these ppl realise before the age of 60 , it is not peace that humans want. We need the dreams to drive us.

We need greed to make us wake up in the morning with a purpose.
We need someone's love to give a meaning to our achievements.
and all the complications love brings - they make life less boring!

Our own problems, irritations and challenges that don't let us sleep - these define us.
It is wat makes us human! In fact, the choice we make about this whole 'peace' thing - its like choosing your dress.

Just answer this- Will you ever burn your itchy armani suit, and change permanently to a very comfortable khaki uniform??

So come, lets go play Mortal Kombat with life!!!! :)

Want an oscar???

I watched this ARR interview, and a woman was interviewing him at his home

I guess most awards have a human shape... Because when took her into a large room ,there on a shelf was an ARMY !! He opened a suitcase and the Golden globes were there wrapped in a towel-like thin cloth!!!
She was like 'Oh wow!' and she asked which awards they were and all that... and then Rahman was looking at that shelf and replying an all..

After which he slowly said, "Few filmfares seem to be missing... and a couple of national awards..." :) :) :) :)

How do you lose a national award!???????
Thats exactly what that interviewer asked. He said something that I' ve always said after losing notebooks while in primary-school!:)
"(shrug) um, we shifted our home!"

If you hear that Rahman's shifting again go hang around when they are moving. Who knows, you might end up owning an oscar or two......

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Show starts... placements!

Finally completed the last serious end semester exams of B.Tech !!
But still stuck here in college for pre-placement training till 5th of nxt month..still i shouldn't be complaining about it cos FINALLY TCS is visiting SASTRA for placements(I heard they are planning to recruit 8000 this quarter)

A lot of things that were gettting delayed almost infinitely(!) have finally happened in the last 3 days.... (apart 4m the xams , that is :)!)
We've finally bagged the 8th sem project ( WABCO - TVS has agreed to take us.. god, getting proj in a good company is like getting agood dinner at our mess or visiting home! sort of have to wait 4 weeks b4 it actually )

And then my new lappy is now finally in production somewhere in Malaysia.. dunno when ill exactly get it,though!
In the last week, I even managed to download 30 GB of movies, videos and songs frm coll lan! Will be very useful 4 technical project, u know:) ( cited the same reason to convince my dad to get me the laptop!! )

All thats remaining now is to start preparing 4 the placement process...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Shwetha Basu!

HI! I watched this telugu movie 'Kotha bangaru logam' by chance! Didn't really understand much,but for all I cared, I could have watched it in mute!

The movie was aaaawesome for three reasons:

1. Shwetha basu
2. Shwetha basu
3. Shwetha basu :)lol!
Trust me,this girl gives Jo a run for her money...bayangara xpressions!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Names we sport...

Check out these names.
We have Badminton Men' s doubles competition coming up in our coll sports court :))
And the names of some of d participating teams -------->


SASTRA 613402


METTI OLI! [Konjamavadhu samandama vaingada pera!!]





And others like Bashers,'mess'merizers,Manchester/liverpool Utd. , bon jonito
I ll note some more down nxt time and add 'em here.

thats a soccer team name! Our VC wld choke 2 death if he heard these names!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Today I put the CPU on my cot,placed my hand on it,and plugged the chord and got electrocuted!

No,it was nt too serious.But serious enough to get my 2 roommates(both of whom wer juniors) amused by my reaction...
Now,that pissed me off.

So i quickly wiped the smiles off their faces with a tester :)
I put it in all the terminals(they keep their hands/legs under them wen sleeping) and it glowed brightly - Without switching em on! I thought of comforting them with "Relax,u ll hav enough shocks to get used 2 it by 4th yr" .
But I carefully refrained...they looked like they had put their fingers inside the plug point already!

The real reason I m posting abt it is this...Having cheered up my juniors,I got back 2 studyin 4 2morrow's exam jus like that.Bcos in all,I ve been electrocuted 6 times,and seen ma frnds getting mild shocks in my stay at hostel.
This new one didnt register at all..

It all started wen I came 2 'NEW' hostel in 2nd yr.(the 1st batch 2 move in).The room no. was AF33...I had an immersion heater under my cot,and the plug point over my head.My roommate had put the heater inside the bucket and wen i woke up one morning,he asked me 2 switch it on.
So lying on the bed i plugged the heater and had a bright(literally!) start to my day by pressing the switch !It illuminated my face with a divine glow by shooting out sparks....
I recommend the abv procedure for heavy hangovers.....i ve found it 2 clear one's senses very quickly.

That whole year was interesting! My computer 'earth'ed in all its metallic parts and the monitor screen.And unfortunately, a lot of parts in a computer r metallic!I swear,my arm moves away reflexively wen it goes near any computer screen....

i had my 1st proper Shock(not 'earth') a few months later. You know its a real shock wen u dont remember wat case u ve had one,i think u probably know that already...
One sec I am abt 2 hit the switch and nxt sec I am sitting and gaping at d switch board from the middle of the room(being a 4in1 it was reasonably large) -groggy,aching,a little thirsty and highly irritated for sitting like a duck...

It didnt help wen my friend curiously asked if i was alright,because I realized later that he was referring 2 my MENTAL condition!!It turns out he thought I was goofing around....... by jumping backwards and landing on my backside??who the hell does that???

(This was d same kind soul who felt sorry for losing a plug point wen it blew up in my face :/)

The last of a no. of such interesting events was jus day b4 yesterday wen we didnt get water in our bathroom. So i went 2 fill the bucket wid drinking water(for BATHING!)...The cooler was working -the tap is the pushing type- and in my irritation i put my hand on it and unnecessarily leaned on it with all my weight!
It must have taken offense at my lack of manners bcos i was jumping back the next sec!It was 'earth'ing.....

The main reasons I felt I should record all this -

1. I have not bothered even 2 inform the warden abt such hazards(but then,none of us do-they dont care)...
2.Wen it earthed in the cooler I went 2 another 1 and 4got abt it immediately...didnt tell even my frnds abt it.
3.To us, it has bcum like some sort of common event!
If I had felt serious about the cooler i wld have remembered 2 put on my slippers today IRRESPECTIVE OF THE SWITCH BEING ON OR OFF.Despite today's 'dosage'(!) being more severe I didnt seem 2 worry a lot.....and that worries me!!

It IS True that so far nothing has gone fatally wrong, and I dont know wat sort of voltage causes permanent damage.
But I hope I remember the next time that I DO NOT wish 2 find the answer for that by personal experience !



Post script: A few weeks back a girl in Andhra had commited suicide -because she didnt get a seat in SASTRA.I want all of u prospective SASTRA freshers out ther to know that u can save yourselves the troule of taking your life by joining here-the management does it 4 free with a nominal fine of 35000 rs. per semster for surviving.

No,seriously guys...all those still in school-you need to ask the SENIORS of any coll b4 u make a decision...throw the prospectus,reviews,rankings,placement records and ur 'well-wishing' relatives' advice in the garbage...find out the inside truth. Trust me,most of us r eager 2 save innocent wld-b-victims if only u ask.
One senior may b prejudiced against the institution-but if 5 or 6 guys tell u to run for ur life-do exactly that.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


This fwd is the most lucid xpression of my current philosophy-

A crow was sitting on a tree doing nothing.Seeing that, a deer decided to sit and do nothing...And in a short while,it was gobbled up by a lion!

To do nothing , you need to be on top!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Robert Ringer.
Most pragmatic self-help book I have read. I recommend it after finding out first-hand that it works,BIG TIME!

Friday, April 17, 2009

A First in my college life- great attendance record

Bunking is no big deal-nothing too serious in our college usually. Lag means paying a hefty fine,but that was it. This sem,BOY!did it all change!! The first few weeks were as usual.
And then all of a sudden bunking became Top concern. The magic word was 'RE-DO' if u have Lag! We were like,Are you KIDDING?
ONE MORE YEAR in this place????? The result...well,see for urself!
The 1st column is no, of classes and 2nd is no. bunked:

(check out the next post)

P.S : Have to go back to my preps for 'mechatronics' paper tomorro(Man,my departments name is not even there in the Word dictionary!!!).
After all,wen compared to attendance lag,arrear is an infinitely worse reason for staying longer than necessary!

1st column-NO, OF CLASSES,2nd-BUNK !!

Dec - 2008 38 21 0 0 0
Jan - 2009 81 21 0 0 0
Feb - 2009 79 15 0 0 0
Mar - 2009 124 17 0 0 0
Apr - 2009 44 8

Friday, March 13, 2009

Life is Beautiful*

*Conditions Apply.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Give me a break!

I am guilty of being partly responsible for the eco. crunch!cos
I am blessed with lots of luck wen it cums 2 education..

I studied (its a very relative term...)in matriculation and we were screwed like hell in high school...and I came to college and Lo and Behold my batch has a new tougher syllabus,and I hav 2 free hours a week.

And the nxt yr the syllabus was watered down and the freshers had SEVEN or so free hrs :(( After all these 'The supreme court of India' had suddenly dicovered that sumthing called 'ragging' takes place in coll s every yr.
Horrified,it said 'ask him his name...and get kicked out of d campus-forever'....

well,to b fair 2 MY senior s i was nt ragged 4 knowing my name...
all they wanted was jus a hip-dance .I did it 4 em till one AM that night..

But I did not xpect that my notorious luck wld crash Global Markets :) that I don get placed now in my 3rd yr!
On the serious side, its a little confusing with all d alternate options an all that.I had nt prepared 4 THIS scenario!