Saturday, November 28, 2009

Show starts... placements!

Finally completed the last serious end semester exams of B.Tech !!
But still stuck here in college for pre-placement training till 5th of nxt month..still i shouldn't be complaining about it cos FINALLY TCS is visiting SASTRA for placements(I heard they are planning to recruit 8000 this quarter)

A lot of things that were gettting delayed almost infinitely(!) have finally happened in the last 3 days.... (apart 4m the xams , that is :)!)
We've finally bagged the 8th sem project ( WABCO - TVS has agreed to take us.. god, getting proj in a good company is like getting agood dinner at our mess or visiting home! sort of have to wait 4 weeks b4 it actually )

And then my new lappy is now finally in production somewhere in Malaysia.. dunno when ill exactly get it,though!
In the last week, I even managed to download 30 GB of movies, videos and songs frm coll lan! Will be very useful 4 technical project, u know:) ( cited the same reason to convince my dad to get me the laptop!! )

All thats remaining now is to start preparing 4 the placement process...

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