Saturday, August 1, 2009


Today I put the CPU on my cot,placed my hand on it,and plugged the chord and got electrocuted!

No,it was nt too serious.But serious enough to get my 2 roommates(both of whom wer juniors) amused by my reaction...
Now,that pissed me off.

So i quickly wiped the smiles off their faces with a tester :)
I put it in all the terminals(they keep their hands/legs under them wen sleeping) and it glowed brightly - Without switching em on! I thought of comforting them with "Relax,u ll hav enough shocks to get used 2 it by 4th yr" .
But I carefully refrained...they looked like they had put their fingers inside the plug point already!

The real reason I m posting abt it is this...Having cheered up my juniors,I got back 2 studyin 4 2morrow's exam jus like that.Bcos in all,I ve been electrocuted 6 times,and seen ma frnds getting mild shocks in my stay at hostel.
This new one didnt register at all..

It all started wen I came 2 'NEW' hostel in 2nd yr.(the 1st batch 2 move in).The room no. was AF33...I had an immersion heater under my cot,and the plug point over my head.My roommate had put the heater inside the bucket and wen i woke up one morning,he asked me 2 switch it on.
So lying on the bed i plugged the heater and had a bright(literally!) start to my day by pressing the switch !It illuminated my face with a divine glow by shooting out sparks....
I recommend the abv procedure for heavy hangovers.....i ve found it 2 clear one's senses very quickly.

That whole year was interesting! My computer 'earth'ed in all its metallic parts and the monitor screen.And unfortunately, a lot of parts in a computer r metallic!I swear,my arm moves away reflexively wen it goes near any computer screen....

i had my 1st proper Shock(not 'earth') a few months later. You know its a real shock wen u dont remember wat case u ve had one,i think u probably know that already...
One sec I am abt 2 hit the switch and nxt sec I am sitting and gaping at d switch board from the middle of the room(being a 4in1 it was reasonably large) -groggy,aching,a little thirsty and highly irritated for sitting like a duck...

It didnt help wen my friend curiously asked if i was alright,because I realized later that he was referring 2 my MENTAL condition!!It turns out he thought I was goofing around....... by jumping backwards and landing on my backside??who the hell does that???

(This was d same kind soul who felt sorry for losing a plug point wen it blew up in my face :/)

The last of a no. of such interesting events was jus day b4 yesterday wen we didnt get water in our bathroom. So i went 2 fill the bucket wid drinking water(for BATHING!)...The cooler was working -the tap is the pushing type- and in my irritation i put my hand on it and unnecessarily leaned on it with all my weight!
It must have taken offense at my lack of manners bcos i was jumping back the next sec!It was 'earth'ing.....

The main reasons I felt I should record all this -

1. I have not bothered even 2 inform the warden abt such hazards(but then,none of us do-they dont care)...
2.Wen it earthed in the cooler I went 2 another 1 and 4got abt it immediately...didnt tell even my frnds abt it.
3.To us, it has bcum like some sort of common event!
If I had felt serious about the cooler i wld have remembered 2 put on my slippers today IRRESPECTIVE OF THE SWITCH BEING ON OR OFF.Despite today's 'dosage'(!) being more severe I didnt seem 2 worry a lot.....and that worries me!!

It IS True that so far nothing has gone fatally wrong, and I dont know wat sort of voltage causes permanent damage.
But I hope I remember the next time that I DO NOT wish 2 find the answer for that by personal experience !


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