Saturday, August 1, 2009


Post script: A few weeks back a girl in Andhra had commited suicide -because she didnt get a seat in SASTRA.I want all of u prospective SASTRA freshers out ther to know that u can save yourselves the troule of taking your life by joining here-the management does it 4 free with a nominal fine of 35000 rs. per semster for surviving.

No,seriously guys...all those still in school-you need to ask the SENIORS of any coll b4 u make a decision...throw the prospectus,reviews,rankings,placement records and ur 'well-wishing' relatives' advice in the garbage...find out the inside truth. Trust me,most of us r eager 2 save innocent wld-b-victims if only u ask.
One senior may b prejudiced against the institution-but if 5 or 6 guys tell u to run for ur life-do exactly that.

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:) I agree