Friday, April 17, 2009

A First in my college life- great attendance record

Bunking is no big deal-nothing too serious in our college usually. Lag means paying a hefty fine,but that was it. This sem,BOY!did it all change!! The first few weeks were as usual.
And then all of a sudden bunking became Top concern. The magic word was 'RE-DO' if u have Lag! We were like,Are you KIDDING?
ONE MORE YEAR in this place????? The result...well,see for urself!
The 1st column is no, of classes and 2nd is no. bunked:

(check out the next post)

P.S : Have to go back to my preps for 'mechatronics' paper tomorro(Man,my departments name is not even there in the Word dictionary!!!).
After all,wen compared to attendance lag,arrear is an infinitely worse reason for staying longer than necessary!

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