Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Give me a break!

I am guilty of being partly responsible for the eco. crunch!cos
I am blessed with lots of luck wen it cums 2 education..

I studied (its a very relative term...)in matriculation and we were screwed like hell in high school...and I came to college and Lo and Behold my batch has a new tougher syllabus,and I hav 2 free hours a week.

And the nxt yr the syllabus was watered down and the freshers had SEVEN or so free hrs :(( After all these 'The supreme court of India' had suddenly dicovered that sumthing called 'ragging' takes place in coll s every yr.
Horrified,it said 'ask him his name...and get kicked out of d campus-forever'....

well,to b fair 2 MY senior s i was nt ragged 4 knowing my name...
all they wanted was jus a hip-dance .I did it 4 em till one AM that night..

But I did not xpect that my notorious luck wld crash Global Markets :) that I don get placed now in my 3rd yr!
On the serious side, its a little confusing with all d alternate options an all that.I had nt prepared 4 THIS scenario!

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