Saturday, November 29, 2008

´Rains´ of change!!

today was to b the last day of my xams,and rite now i ought to hav been on my bus to che. but it was not to b..I usually lov rains ,and ya it was lovely with the relentless showers for 3 days.
but it came with a heavy price tag!

b4 i go on,i ve got to say about my life 3 yrs back...major change in important plans cöuld be irritating at best,and frutrating at worst.if ther r incompetant ppl around at those times , i jus go berserk.

3 yrs since , I am calmly posting....from the Tower of Babel!!
3 days back , we wer informed that the exam nxt day wer cancelled and wer to b held on 30th.(tomoro)
With no water (DRINKING water), power for most of the day it was welcome.
Adding a new dimension to the probs ,the mess ran out of rations.

No power fr the whole of nxt day,and then we were told xams on 29th wer cancelled b held after 4th(no date specified)...
this noon ,the confirmed news was that it was to b on 6th..
30 mins b4 ,the 'confimed' news- xam was on 16th dec,one day b4 nxt sem....

ther s still uncertainity bt Hons. xams!

Ther r 2 ways to che...thru tanjore or trichy...2 bridges near tj hav collapsed...
As for trichy, one more bridge down and we need to circumnavigate 20+ miles to trichy...

hrd of Kumbamela?I hav nt seen it,but i think i ll a good idea wen I go to trichy tomoro! half the state wil b ther..WOW,COOOL......Power s gone,AGAIN!!
Life is never dull at sastra...that s for sure:)


Moonlight n Magnolias said...

Happens!! But I'm glad that I'm staying at home safely!!

And the point I noted in ur post is, comnparing urself now and howu were 3 years before... I do that sometimes too... and end up quite surprised at how much I've changed over this time!!!

Chandra said...

yup!i mean, i dont go out to shop if it rains ,wen at home!
Necessity is the mother of all evolution!!